Welcome to textatic. 

Here you can find stories of Paloma. Paloma doesn't like the stupid rules, this world is full of. She worries, their stupidity could leave marks on us. 
Only yesterday she saw this group of people, waiting in front of a red light, even though there was no traffic at all! What were they waiting for? 

As if this wasn't enough, later, her mom asked her if "what she's wearing is alright"!! 
Alright for whom?! Who put that idea of being "wrong" in our minds? 
Who decides what is appropriate and what isn't?

Who invented the idea of having to WrItE in a certain way? 
Who invented the idea of having to dReSs in a specific style?
Who invented the idea of having to Be any certain way?

!?siht daer uoy t´nac naem I

You see!
So this girl bought a website, where she can wRiTe the way she likes, supporting a way of LiViNg she prefers: 
A life, based on authenticity and connection to our nature. 

The best part...

YOU are invited to co-create this place with her, to share your ideas, concerns, projects...your could-be´s and are´s, to inspire others to free themselves from any have-to´s, that are just pretending to be what they're called!

Let's get together to make this world a more beautiful and fun place to be. Let's remind each other of the potential and beauty, that lay in our differences!